Atencion en Rampa

Ramp Attention

With the highest technology and qualified staff (ISAGO Certification), we are able to provide the best service to all types of aircraft: Narrow Body & Wide Body. 


Baggage loading and unloading

Potable water and drain of lavatories

Baggage conveyor belt loaders

Ramp – Cockpit communication

Passenger boarding stairs 

Arrival and parking of aircrafts   


Electrical power unit and Aircraft wheel chocks  

Transfers and baggage handling in the Ticket Counter and Bag

In our additional services, we can also provide: starters, air conditioning, tow bar, shuttle bus, passenger stairs, electrical power unit, push back, baggage tractor and other equipments.

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Calle 25D #95A - 22 Fontibón - Bogotá, Colombia