Frequent Questions Training

For how long is the course of Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR) valid?

For 24 months. Before this time expires, you must attend the initial or recurrent course nearest to remain approved to sign the documentation to allow the transport of substances. After losing the date, the participant must take the initial training again.

How long are the specialized courses?

International Cargo Basic 40 Hours
Dangerous Goods Course 40 Hours
Dangerous Goods Recurrent Course 20 Hours 

Is it a prerequisite to take the basic course of international cargo to take the course of dangerous goods?

No, the courses can be taken in any order, for this reason we continually program each course. 

Where do I find information about payment methods?

The service can be canceled at the types of credit and cash as applicable. See the link Payment or request further information to the corresponding Service Coordinator.